Who We Are

We are engineers, artists, problem solvers, problem dictators etc. Our sole purpose is to provide consultation of technical problem. We are very open to contribution. You can join us one slack for further information. We are orbiters and we use our technical expertise to deal with it. As on path to open source community we believe in spreading awareness and open knowledge to everyone.

We share values:

  • Openness and welcoming
  • Share and caring
  • Transparency and equality
  • Dignity and modesty
  • Usefulness (Studios, exploring, dreamers, curious, observant, ingenious, philosopher, entrepreneurs, scientist, patrons, sales, trainers)
  • Work life balance
  • Empathetic
  • Belief is own by oneself and it can’t be dictate by society and nation
  • Respectful for rightful and non-discriminatory culture

Here the steps to follow:

  • Problem statement
  • Problem categorization(Social, environment, Law resolution/amendment, Education and awareness, Crisis, Disaster, Innovation, Finance and Business)
  • Problem solving(Paper release) / POC (proof of concept)
  • Impact and necessity discussion (Benefit)
  • Patent or licensing
  • Planning : Budget estimation, skill set requirement, Project representative, resources accessibility and availability
  • Project management
  • Testing / demonstration
  • Observation
  • Conclusion
  • Implementation, production and awareness